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United Tractors Grand Ballroom is a meeting room located in PT United Tractors Tbk, with a total area of ​​1140 m2 located on Jalan Raya Bekasi Km. 22, Cakung, East Jakarta-Indonesia under the management of PT Global Service Indonesia. United Tractors Grand Ballroom is a place with a harmonious blend of luxury buildings and lush gardens, located on the main lane of East Jakarta, adjacent to the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) and Kelapa Gading toll gates.

We offer several venues that can be used for meetings, weddings, seminars, graduations to music concerts with a capacity of up to 2.000 people and are supported by an outdoor parking lot of 2.000 slots.

Supported by luxurious lobby facilities, spacious foyes, main rooms full of carpets, air conditioner units, sophisticated and reliable multimedia systems (sound system up to 30,000 watts, wooden acoustic diffuser, short row double projector @ 3000 lumens and lighting system). There are also additional areas such as VIP lounge and makeup room and other multifunctional rooms.

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Full Grand Ballroom

It is a meeting room with a total area of 1140 m2 located in United Tractors Tbk building. Jalan Raya Bekasi Km. 22, Cakung, Jakarta, which is used for exhibitions, weddings, graduations and seminars with a capacity of 2.000 people and has a very modern facility.

Half Grand Ballroom

Is a meeting room Full Grand Ballroom in the partition into two rooms, with a capacity of 200-400 people / room.

Discovery Hall

The meeting room is located in the United Tractors Learning Center building used for meetings, seminars, or other meetings with a guest capacity of up to 150 people.

Explore Space

Meeting room located in Corpu building 4th floor can be used for meeting events for internal and external parties with a capacity of 15 people / room..

Multipurpose Building Al-Furqan Mosque

The multipurpose room of al-furqan mosque in united tractors area is used for wedding event with capacity of 300 people.

VIP Room

Meeting rooms located in one location with United Tractors Grand Ballroom is commonly used for meetings, press conferences, seminars, etc., with a capacity of 50-70 people.